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Charlene Sioson.

I look back to all of my posts and stuff and I would always vent about what I wanted in a relationship. The truth is, I got everything I wanted in my relationship. I got that breakfast in bed, waking up almost every morning to the person you love, I experienced long, cheesy text messages and movie nights. I’ve had long pointless conversations with that person, etc and the thing is, it’s kind of a really nice feeling. I’ve got that feeling of being wanted and appreciated  by the person you love. I feel happy. 

It’s been awhile since I vented on tumblr. I’ve been too busy with life. Too busy worrying what’s going on around me. Too busy helping my family. Too busy spending time with the boyfriend. Too busy solving my never ending problems. Too busy solving other people’s problems. I was too busy with everything that I never have the time to type up what’s been going on with me lately. Well… lately I’ve been feeling happy, but mostly miserable. So much things has happened lately and I don’t know if I can take it anymore. I miss feeling inspired and I miss feeling motivated. Before I typed this, I was looking through my old posts and I always had something to say. What happened to just living a good and inspirational life? To me that disappeared awhile ago. I just want that back. I want to feel inspired again and motivated to do things I want to do. But how? Guess that’s just life. Gotta figure that out on your own. But I know deep down inside me, I know I can find that somewhere.